Archway gyratory Artist's impression of the proposed Archway town centre

Our project introduced a new public space, a two-way traffic system, dedicated cycle lanes and new pedestrian crossings in the area.

What we've completed

As part of the improvements we have:

  • Changed the one-way gyratory traffic system to two-way operation
  • Created a new public space
  • Closed the southwest arm of the gyratory outside the Tube station to traffic
  • Permanently reversed the one-way operation of Vorley Road and MacDonald Road
  • Relocated bus stops around the new road layout
  • Built a new two-way cycle route in the public space near Archway Tube station
  • Introduced segregated cycle lanes
  • Installed a new street-level pedestrian crossing on Archway Road (near Despard Road) to replace the pedestrian underpass
  • Planted trees to ensure no net tree loss

Updates to this map

  • The new un-lettered bus stop in Tollhouse Way is new bus stop G
  • We kept bus stop U in Junction Road
  • We've removed bus stop V


We made these changes to better balance the needs of all road users and make the area more welcoming.

  • Pedestrians now have improved crossings to access the town centre
  • Cyclists have dedicated routes for improved safety and to make cycling more enjoyable
  • Motorists now drive through a better road layout, with reduced risk of collision
  • Tube passengers can leave Archway station and walk directly into the new public space
  • Everyone will benefit from an improved, more accessible town centre which might help attract investment


We do environmental evaluations for all major schemes, including an assessment of changes in noise levels and air quality predicted as a result of the scheme.

An evaluation also includes our appraisal of whether the scheme requires an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) under the Town and Country Planning Act. The final decision on this rests with the local planning authority.

Islington Council's assessment confirmed our view that an EIA was not required.

Overall, the effect of the scheme is negligible in terms of concentrations of particulates. For NO2 there was a mixture of beneficial and adverse effects, with no net increase expected across the project area.

Other wider initiatives such as the Ultra Low Emission Zone and ongoing projects to reduce bus emissions, will help to further improve air quality at Archway. 


We held a consultation on proposals to improve Archway for cyclists and pedestrians and create a new public space in late 2014. For more on the proposed changes, see the Archway response to consultation report on the Archway gyratory consultation page.

Some changes to bus services in the area were needed because of the changes to the road layout. In early 2016 we gathered opinions on how bus routes would pass through the new road layout, and which routes would serve which bus stops. Details of this consultation are on the Archway bus routes consultation page.