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Service updates at 19/01/2017 22:02:09
Road corridor Status
Central London Red Routes
South Circular (A205)
North Circular (A406)
Blackwall Tunnel
All other
road corridors
No exceptional delays on all other road corridors


[A41] Finchley Road (NW3) (Camden)

  Expected delays

From: Wednesday 18 January 2017
To: Sunday 29 January 2017

Last updated 15:03 Tuesday 24 January 2017 : Traffic is flowing well.

Works | Utility

[A41] Finchley Road (NW3) (Southbound) between Lithos Road and Frognal - Lane closure in place in the southbound carriageway from 18 until 27 January to facilitate electrical works. From 08:00 on 28 until 17:00 on 29 January, there will be lane closures in both directions.

  • [A41] Finchley Road (NW3) (Southbound)
  • Frognal (NW3) (All Directions)
  • Hampstead Gate (NW3) (All Directions)



M1 (NW4,NW7,NW2,NW9,HA8) (Barnet)

  Expected delays

From: Monday 09 January 2017
To: Wednesday 25 January 2017

Last updated 03:48 Tuesday 24 January 2017 : All lanes are open. Traffic is flowing well

Works | Other

[M1] (NW4/NW7/HA8) (Northbound) between Junction 1 (A406) and Junction 4 - Closed between approximately 2230hrs and 0530hrs each night during maintenance on behalf of Highways England. Find out more on the Highways England website.

  • A406 (NW4,NW2) (All Directions)
  • Aerodrome Road (NW4) (All Directions)
  • Algernon Road (NW4) (All Directions)
  • Avion Crescent (NW9) (All Directions)
  • Beechwood Close (NW7) (All Directions)
  • Brent Park Road (NW4,NW2) (All Directions)
  • Bunn's Lane (NW7) (All Directions)
  • [A5150] Colindeep Lane (NW9,NW4) (All Directions)
  • Corner Mead (NW9) (All Directions)
  • Dallas Road (NW4) (All Directions)
  • Edgeworth Close (NW4) (All Directions)
  • Edgware Way (Watford By-Pass) (All Directions)
  • Endersleigh Gardens (NW4) (All Directions)
  • Field Mead (NW7) (All Directions)
  • Glendor Gardens (NW7) (All Directions)
  • Grahame Park Way (NW9,NW7) (All Directions)
  • Hale Grove Gardens (NW7) (All Directions)
  • [A5100] Hale Lane (NW7) (All Directions)
  • Highwood Grove (NW7) (All Directions)
  • Lancaster Close (NW9) (All Directions)
  • Layfield Road (NW4) (All Directions)
  • Limes Avenue (NW7) (All Directions)
  • Lyndhurst Avenue (NW7) (All Directions)
  • M1 (NW4,NW7,NW2,NW9,HA8) (Northbound)
  • Malcolm Crescent (NW4) (All Directions)
  • Manor Drive (NW7) (All Directions)
  • Marchant Close (NW7) (All Directions)
  • Maxwelton Close (NW7) (All Directions)
  • Meridian Close (NW7) (All Directions)
  • Montagu Road (NW4) (All Directions)
  • Mount Road (NW4) (All Directions)
  • Park Road (NW4) (All Directions)
  • [A5109] Selvage Lane (NW7) (All Directions)
  • [A504] Station Road (NW9,NW4) (All Directions)
  • Sturgess Avenue (NW4) (All Directions)
  • Vicarage Road (NW4) (All Directions)
  • Wheatley Close (NW4) (All Directions)
  • Wilshaw Close (NW4) (All Directions)
  • Woodcroft Avenue (NW7) (All Directions)
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