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[A205] Kew Bridge (TW9,TW8) (Richmond Upon Thames,Hounslow)


From: Monday 09 January 2017
To: Sunday 02 April 2017

Last updated 00:43 Saturday 21 January 2017 : Possible delays during the course of these works.

Works | TfL

[A205] Kew Bridge (TW9) (All Directions) and Kew Road between Strand-on-the-Green and Kew Green - Various closures and restrictions will take place to facilitate bridge refurbishment works. The bridge will be closed on the 20th Feb and 20th March between 23:00 and 05:00. Single lane closures will also be in place during off peak hours 19:00 to 06:00 and 10:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday and 07:30 to 13:30 on Saturdays.

  • A315 (TW8) (All Directions)
  • [A205] Kew Road (TW9,TW8) (All Directions)
  • Strand-On-The-Green (W4) (All Directions)


[A406] Gunnersbury Avenue (NORTH CIRCULAR ROAD) (W3,W4) (Hounslow)


From: Monday 20 June 2016
To: Thursday 04 January 2018

Last updated 23:55 Friday 20 January 2017 : Delays are possible.

Works | TfL

Power Road Bridge, [A406] Gunnersbury Avenue (North Circular Road) (W4) (Both Directions) at the junction of Power Road - Various restrictions during bridge replacement works. Click for more information on the Power Road Bridge project.

  • Power Road (W4) (All Directions)



A4 (W4) (Hounslow)


From: Friday 20 January 2017
To: Ongoing

Last updated 19:25 Saturday 21 January 2017 : Traffic is flowing well.

Works | Utility

A4 Great West Road (W4 ) (Westbound) between Sutton Court Road and Chiswick Roundabout - Lanes three (of three) is closed for utility works.

  • A4 (W4) (Westbound)
  • Cambridge Road North (W4) (All Directions)
  • Cambridge Road South (W4) (All Directions)
  • [M4] Chiswick Flyover (M4) (W4,TW8) (All Directions)
  • [A205] Chiswick High Road (North Circular Road) (W4) (All Directions)
  • Chiswick Village (W4) (All Directions)
  • Eastbourne Road (W4) (All Directions)
  • Falcon Close (W4) (All Directions)
  • [A406] Gunnersbury Avenue (North Circular Road) (W4) (All Directions)
  • Harvard Hill (W4) (All Directions)
  • Harvard Road (W4) (All Directions)
  • Oxford Road South (W4) (All Directions)
  • Stonehill Road (W4) (All Directions)
  • Surrey Crescent (W4) (All Directions)
  • Sutton Court Road (W4) (All Directions)
  • Sutton Lane South (W4) (All Directions)
  • [A3000] Wellesley Road (W4) (All Directions)


[A205] Kew Bridge Road (TW8) (Hounslow)


From: Friday 20 January 2017
To: Ongoing

Last updated 19:25 Saturday 21 January 2017 : Moderate delays southbound on approach.

Hazard(s) | Burst Water Main

[A205] Kew Bridge Road (Eastbound) intersecting Kew Road - Lane one closure in place to facilitate Thames Water repairs to a suspected burst water main.

  • [A315] Kew Bridge Road (TW8) (All Directions)
  • [A205] Kew Road (TW8) (All Directions)


A406 (W5,NW10) (Ealing)


From: Saturday 21 January 2017
To: Ongoing

Last updated 19:43 Saturday 21 January 2017 : Approach with caution. Traffic is slow on the approach with tailbacks reaching Iveagh Avenue.

Traffic Incidents | Breakdown

A406 at the junction of Hanger Lane (North Circular Road) Roundabout (W5 /NW10) (Southbound) - lane one (of four) is blocked due to a broken down vehicle.

  • Brentmead Gardens (NW10) (All Directions)
  • Lytham Grove (NW10) (All Directions)
  • Norbreck Parade (NW10) (All Directions)
  • Park Avenue (NW10) (All Directions)
  • Priory Gardens (W5) (All Directions)
  • St Annes Gardens (NW10) (All Directions)
  • Twyford Abbey Road (W5) (All Directions)


[A406] North Circular Road (E4,E17) (Waltham Forest)


From: Saturday 21 January 2017
To: Ongoing

Last updated 16:32 Saturday 21 January 2017 : Traffic is currently flowing well on approach.

Hazard(s) | Burst Water Main

[A406] North Circular Road (E17) (westbound)at the junction of Crooked Billet Roundabout - The on slip is partially blocked due to a burst water main.

  • [B179] Billet Road (E17) (All Directions)
  • [A406] Crooked Billet Underpass (A406) (E4,E17) (All Directions)
  • [B160] Fulbourne Road (E17) (All Directions)
  • [A406] North Circular Road (E4,E17) (Westbound)
  • Wadham Road (E4,E17) (All Directions)
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