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[A23] Brixton Road (SW9) (Lambeth)


From: Monday 16 January 2017
To: Thursday 26 January 2017

Last updated 23:24 Saturday 21 January 2017 : Traffic is flowing well.

Hazard(s) | Burst Water Main

[A23] Brixton Road (SW9) (All directions) at the junction of Ferndale Road - The carriageway has been reduced to one lane in both directions due to a burst water main. Beware of wet road.

  • Beehive Place (SW9) (All Directions)
  • [A23] Brixton Road (SW9) (Northbound)
  • Ferndale Road (SW9) (All Directions)


[A23] Brixton Road (SW9) (Lambeth)


From: Wednesday 18 January 2017
To: Tuesday 24 January 2017

Last updated 01:24 Sunday 22 January 2017 : Delays are possible.

Works | Utility

[A23] Brixton Road (SW9) (Northbound) after the junction of Hillyard Street - Lane one of two (bus lane) restricted due to UKPN works.

  • [A23] Brixton Road (SW9) (Northbound)
  • Evesham Walk (SW9) (All Directions)
  • Gosling Way (SW9) (All Directions)
  • Groveway (SW9) (All Directions)
  • Normandy Road (SW9) (All Directions)
  • Pembry Close (SW9) (All Directions)
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