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[A11] Whitechapel Road (E1) (Tower Hamlets)


From: Thursday 19 January 2017
To: Wednesday 01 February 2017

Last updated 07:07 Friday 20 January 2017 : Normal traffic flows for the time of day.

Works | Utility

[A11] Whitechapel Road (E1 ) (Eastbound) at the junction of Brady Street - Bus lane closure to facilitate utility works.

  • Brady Street (E1) (All Directions)
  • Maples Place (E1) (All Directions)


Burdett Road (E3 ,E14) (Tower Hamlets)


From: Tuesday 28 May 2013
To: Sunday 04 February 2018

Last updated 08:55 Friday 20 January 2017 : Delays are possible.

Works | Other

A1205 Burdett Road (Both directions) between St Paul's Way and Bow Common Lane - Carriageway restrictions for Crossrail works. Find out more about Crossrail works

  • Burdett Road (E3 ,E14) (South Bound)
  • St Paul's Way (E3 ,E14) (All Directions)


[A12] Eastern Avenue (RM6,IG2) (Redbridge)


From: Thursday 12 January 2017
To: Sunday 16 April 2017

Last updated 08:11 Friday 20 January 2017 : Traffic is flowing well.

Works | TfL

[A12] Eastern Avenue (RM6) (All Directions) at the junction of [B177] Barley Lane - Various restrictions during junction improvement works until approximately late April. Monday 16 January until late April, [A12] Eastern Avenue at the junction of [B177] Barley Lane, lane restrictions in all directions. Friday 3 February until late February, no right-turn from [A12] Eastern Avenue into [B177] Barley Lane or Hainault Road. mid to late February, pedestrian crossing on southern side of the junction temporarily suspended. Early to mid-March, no left-turn from Hainault Road to [A12] Eastern Avenue.**Currently restrictions remain on footway and traffic islands.**

  • A12 (RM6,IG2) (All Directions)
  • B177 (RM6) (All Directions)
  • Hainault Road (RM6) (All Directions)
  • Strouds Close (RM6) (All Directions)


[A127] Southend Arterial Road (RM2) (Havering)


From: Sunday 13 March 2016
To: Saturday 11 November 2017

Last updated 09:47 Friday 20 January 2017 : Westbound is slow on approach from Hall Lane but also due to an earlier M25 anti-clockwise closure. Expect delays.

Works | TfL

Ardleigh Green Bridge, [A127] Southend Arterial Road (RM2) (Both Directions) at the junction of Bryant Avenue - Various restrictions during bridge replacement works. Contraflow in operation, reducing the carriageway to a single lane each direction between Gallows Corner (A12) and Squirrels Heath Road until approximately May 2017. Additionally, no access from Bryant Avenue to the [A127] until approximately February 2017. Find out more.

  • Bryant Avenue (RM2,RM3) (All Directions)
  • [A127] Southend Arterial Road (RM2) (Eastbound)
  • Southend Arterial Road (All Directions)
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