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Englefield Road (N1,E8) (Hackney,Islington)


From: Monday 09 January 2017
To: Friday 20 January 2017

Last updated 06:51 Friday 20 January 2017 : Use an alternative route whilst works continue.

Works | Borough

Englefield Road (N1 /E8 ) (Both Directions) between Kingsland Road and Southgate Road - The road will be closed due to works in the area.

  • Englefield Road (N1,E8) (Both Directions)
  • [A10] Kingsland Road (E8) (All Directions)


[A10] Stoke Newington High Street (N16) (Hackney)


From: Friday 06 January 2017
To: Friday 20 January 2017

Last updated 06:56 Friday 20 January 2017 : Delays are possible.

Works | Emergency

[A10] Stoke Newington High Street (N16) (Northbound) between Dynevor Road and Brooke Road - Lane three (of three) is closed for emergency Thames Water repair works.

  • Brooke Road (N16) (All Directions)
  • Dynevor Road (N16) (All Directions)
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