The improvements at Highbury Corner are designed to make walking and cycling around the area safer and more convenient.

Essential works to replace and upgrade the old gas mains are also taking take place on Canonbury Road until summer 2019. We are working with Cadent Gas in order to minimise disruptions.

We plan to introduce two-way traffic at Highbury Corner in spring 2019. We will complete our works in the area in summer 2019.

If you are travelling in the Highbury Corner area:


Until summer 2019

Buses travelling through Highbury Corner may be delayed while works are in place. This could affect routes 4, 19, 30, 43, 263, 271, 393, N19, N41, and N277.

Please allow more time for your journey or, if possible, consider travelling outside of peak periods.

Find out how your bus may be affected by visiting You can also follow @TfLBusAlerts on Twitter for the latest bus updates.


Until summer 2019

  • Roads in and around the area will be busier than usual, especially during the peak times of 07:00-10:00 and 16:00-19:00 Monday to Friday, and 10:00-18:00 at weekends
  • Lane closures, parking and turning restrictions will be in place at different times along the route and in the surrounding area
  • Some streets may be closed at certain times
  • Allow more time to complete your journey, seek alternative routes and when possible travel outside peak times

For the latest information on how London roads are operating, check before you travel and follow @TfLTrafficNews on Twitter for the latest updates.

When the work is taking place

Construction work started in June 2018 and will finish in summer 2019.

We've been paving footways along Holloway Road. This has included laying Yorkstone paving at Highbury & Islington station forecourt. This work was prioritised so we could move the temporary pedestrian crossing back to its original location outside Highbury & Islington station. The repaving works on the station forecourt are now complete and we reopened the pedestrian crossing in September 2018.

Our next phase of work began on 22 October. This stage focuses on realigning the kerb and paving on the footways between Highbury Place and Corsica Street and between Upper Street and Canonbury Road. Once this stage is complete, we will carry out similar work on Upper Street and Canonbury Road from December through to February 2019.

As part of this work, lane restrictions will be in place and the roundabout will be reduced to one lane in some locations. There will also be restrictions in place on Upper Street leading up to the roundabout. Lane restrictions will also be in place on Upper Street near the roundabout

Most works will take place from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 17:00. Some weekend and night work will also be needed to complete the project as quickly as possible.

277 bus route changes

Route 277 daytime services now run between Crossharbour and Dalston Junction bus station. The route no longer serves stops on St Paul's Road and Balls Pond Road.

Passengers who need services between Highbury Corner and Dalston can use route 30, and additional buses run on this route at peak times.

The night time service has been renumbered N277 and extended via Upper Street, terminating in White Lion Street, and serving additional stops in Pentonville Road, Baron Street and White Lion Street.

The improvements

The improvements, which include removing the roundabout, creating a two-way traffic system and introducing segregated cycle lanes, are designed to make walking and cycling in the area safer and more convenient.

Working closely with the Islington Council, we will create a new public space and larger station square by closing the western arm of the roundabout and improving access to the arboretum, while protecting existing trees.

We will:

  • Remove the one-way system and introduce two-way traffic with clear signals, road markings and signs to assist road users
  • Close of the western side of the roundabout from the top of Upper Street to Holloway Road to all motorised vehicles and cyclists to create a new public space leading to Highbury and Islington station. We will redirect the main road to the other side of the arboretum (the green space in the centre of the roundabout)
  • Relocate the pedestrian crossing at the junction with St Paul's Road closer to the junction itself, providing a more direct route for pedestrians
  • Widen the pedestrian crossing at the junctions with Holloway Road, Canonbury Road and Upper Street. The pedestrian crossings at the Canonbury Road and Upper Street junctions will also be changed from two-stage crossings to straight-across crossings
  • Introduce a new signalised pedestrian crossing at the junction with Canonbury Road
  • Add Legible London signs to provide give pedestrians maps of the local area and other wayfinding information
  • Introduce segregated cycle lanes in both directions on all three remaining sides of the road layout
  • Introduce three new signalised cycle crossings at the junctions with Highbury Place, St Paul's Road and Canonbury Road, allowing cyclist, pedestrian and motorist movements to be separated
  • Advanced Stop Lines (allowing cyclists to wait in front of motorists at traffic signals) on St Paul's Road and Highbury Place, with an early release signal for cyclists on St Paul's Road
  • Introduce a northbound segregated cycle lane at Canonbury Road on on the approach to the junction, a southbound mandatory cycle lane at Holloway Road on the approach to the junction and a westbound mandatory cycle lane at St Paul's Road on the approach to the junction

For more information see our proposed changes map.

Highbury corner proposed changes

Changes to traffic movements

To ensure the new road layout operates effectively, motorists and cyclists will no longer be able to:

  • Turn right from Upper Street into Canonbury Road
  • Turn left from Canonbury Road into Upper Street

Local road closures

The closure of the western side of the roundabout will means that the following roads will be permanently closed to traffic:

  • Highbury Station Road
  • Hampton Court

We will also close the southern end of Corsica Street to motorists to assist cyclists moving through the junction and to remove any potential conflict between cyclists and other traffic turning into Corsica Street. The closure would also create a safer route for pedestrians crossing at the junction.

For more details see out Highbury Corner Traffic Modelling report and traffic information.

Loading and disabled parking changes, and taxi rank provision

  • A new 12-metre loading bay will be provided on the edge of the new station square, opposite Highbury & Islington station
  • The above loading bay will also include a new two-car taxi rank, which will operate daily between 22:00-06:00. Highbury & Islington station will be served by the Night Tube and the new taxi rank will support this service
  • We will relocate the loading bay and disabled parking bay on the northern side of the roundabout (in front of the Marie Curie building) to the new carriageway edge, to allow space for the proposed segregated cycle track. The bay will be shortened by six metres
  • The loading bay at the top of Upper Street will be shortened by nine metres to accommodate the new road layout

Changes to trees

To make room for the new road layout we will need to remove some trees from the edge of the arboretum, as well as two from the northern side of the roundabout, three from the eastern side and one from the southern side - up to 17 in total. Two will be replanted in another location. The memorial tree and mature tree on the corner of Compton Terrace will not be disturbed.

We will mitigate the loss of trees by planting 22 additional trees within the boundary of the arboretum and in the new pedestrianised area.


Between 5 February and 20 March 2016 TfL and Islington Council jointly consulted on proposed improvements to Highbury Corner and on changes to bus services.

There are some changes to what was proposed in our 2016 consultation, and these are listed below:

  • The arboretum will be partially open to public access in a way which protects existing trees. The new public space will incorporate the western arm of the roundabout and Highbury & Islington station forecourt, providing residents with more green space while protecting the most vulnerable trees
  • The new pedestrian crossing, allowing for access to the south-east corner of the arboretum at the junction of Upper Street with Canonbury Road, will no longer be required. The proposal to partially open the arboretum on the western side means that the eastern half of the arboretum, including the option to open up a path from the south-eastern corner, will no longer be required
  • The entrance to Corsica Street has been made a 'blended footway' which provides a continuous footway over the junction to give pedestrians priority
  • A shared pedestrian/cycle 'toucan' crossing will be included across St Paul's Road to allow two-way cycling to and from Corsica Street
  • The cycle lane on Canonbury Road will be extended to Canonbury School

For more information visit our consultation page

Highbury Corner Bridge replacement

Work is now complete on the Highbury Corner Bridge replacement.

The bridge was built around 1850 and carries the Holloway Road (A1) over the London Overground line. The bridge also sits under the Highbury & Islington station building and forecourt.

The bridge was in a poor state of repair so it was essential it was replaced. This has prevented the need for disruptive emergency closures in the future.

The new bridge has an expected lifespan of 120 years.