Highbury Corner roundabout

New road layout

The Highbury Corner roundabout has now changed to two-way traffic, with segregated cycle lanes.

Motorists and cyclists can no longer:

  • Turn right from Upper Street into Canonbury Road
  • Turn left from Canonbury Road into Upper Street

Please drive carefully while pedestrians, cyclists and other traffic get used to the new two-way system. If you are walking, please use the pedestrian crossings and remember to look both ways.

Finishing works

We will be carrying out finishing works on the carriageway until summer 2019. These will include the construction of the pedestrianised area on the Western side of Highbury Corner and finishing the segregated cycle lanes. We will put up signs to help when we need to make temporary changes to traffic or cycle routes.

From summer until autumn 2019, the final stages will be completed, including planting trees and lighting improvements. These will be carried out off-carriageway.

About the scheme

The improvements, which include removing the roundabout, creating a two-way traffic system and introducing segregated cycle lanes, are designed to make walking and cycling in the area safer and more convenient.

Working closely with the Islington Council, we will create a new public space and larger station square by closing the western arm of the roundabout and improving access to the arboretum, while protecting existing trees.

Finishing works

Works to finish the scheme will be continuing until autumn 2019. From summer to autumn 2019 these works will be mostly off-carriageway.

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