PCC election results 2009

In Section One (pensioners and deferred pensioners) Linda Arwood and Chris Carroll were the only nominees for the two vacancies following Linda's and Vic Lane's retirement from office. Both Linda and Chris were therefore re-elected. Linda has served on Section One since December 2005 and Chris has a previous term of office with Section Three between December 2006 and June 2009.

In Section Two (TfL and its subsidiaries or contractors, excluding London Underground Limited) Ian Kierans retired. David George was elected following a postal ballot of the Section Two members of the TfL Pension Fund. Following Trevor Haynes' resignation a casual vacancy also arose on the Section and Duncan Delvin, runner up in the elections, was appointed. His period of office will end on 30 November 2011.

In Section Three (London Underground Limited and its subsidiaries) Mark Harding retired. John Robson was due for retirement however his period of office ended shortly before that as he left the organisation. Mark Harding was re-elected, having served on the PCC since September 2004, and Linda Martin elected following a postal ballot of the Section Three members of the TfL Pension Fund.

For more information about the PCC please contact Sarah Pascall, PCC Secretary, on 020 7918 3018 or by email to sarahpascall@tflpensionfund.co.uk.

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