Role of the Board

  • To act in the best interests of the Fund's members and beneficiaries
  • To act impartially, prudently and honestly
  • To invest the Fund's assets to obtain the best long-term return without putting the Fund at undue risk. Independent specialist investment managers carry out day-to-day investment on the Trustees' behalf
  • To make sure the Fund is administered according to the Trust deed and rules of the Fund below

Board nominations

  • Nine Trustees are nominated by the principal employer. At least five of the nine must be members of the Fund
  • Five Trustees are nominated by the trades unions
  • Four Trustees are nominated by members through the TfL Pension Consultative Council, including two who are pensioners or deferred pensioners

The current Board

Employer nominated 

Nominated by 


Maria Antoniou (Chair) TfL 16 Mar 2007
Tricia Ashton TfL 9 Dec 2016
Mike Binnington TfL 17 Mar 2011
Jill Collis TfL 11 Jul 2015

Michael Hurwitz


8 Dec 2017
Rachel Kerry
11 Jul 2015
Lilli Matson TfL 8 Dec 2017
Nigel Pickup TfL 8 Dec 2017

PCC Nominated 

Nominated by 


Paul Kilius-Smith Pensioner and Deferred Members 28 Mar 2014
Chris Miller Pensioner and Deferred Members 24 Mar 2005
Sean Mobbs TfL Active Members 8 Dec 2017
Paul Murphy LUL Active Members 12 Jun 2008

Trade Union nominated 

Nominated by 


Graham Dean ASLEF 12 Jun 2012
Stephen Ellaby TSSA 11 Jun 2016
Stephen Hedley RMT 25 Sep 2012
John Timbrell Unite (Amicus) 11 Mar 2002
Lewis Brown Unite (T&GWU) 7 Dec 2010