Pensioner liaison scheme

The scheme currently offers:

  • Automatic membership on receiving your TfL pension and for your dependant after your death
  • Calendar with Christmas greeting every year*
  • Hamper for UK pensioners on every birthday from 90, special one on your 100th birthday
  • Hamper for UK dependants on 90th, 95th and 100th birthday then every year
  • Local Pensioner Liason Representative (PLR) in limited areas - social visit once a year and help to point in right direction with any issues
  • Opportunity to volunteer as a PLR

Become a pensioner liaison representative

If you are interested and wish to volunteer, please contact:

Pensioner Liaison Team
TfL Pensions
4th Floor
Wing over Station
55 Broadway

Telephone: 0800 015 5074 (UK only) or 020 7918 3733


*Calendars are issued with the October edition of the On the Move; for those who have opted out of receiving paper copies of On the Move, we will issue the October edition to you in order that you still receive the calendar.

Please note that we only produce the number of calendars required, we are therefore unable to issue replacements if for any reason you lose your calendar or it does not arrive.


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