Pension Consultative Council

Role of the PCC

The role of the PCC is to:

  • Consider and discuss any issues relating to the operation of the TfL Pension Fund
  • Receive and discuss reports from councillors who are Trustees
  • Make representations on such issues as it sees appropriate to either the Trustees of the Fund, the TfL Pensions Working Group or the Pensioners' Forum
  • Nominate four Trustees
  • Make representations direct to the principal employer about matters which fall outside the remit of the PWG and/or the Pensioners' Forum

The PCC does not deal with issues relating to individual entitlements to Fund benefits.

It normally meets four times a year.


The PCC is made up of 20 councillors in the following sections, elected directly by Fund members as shown below:


Election procedures

Number of  members

Section One

Elected by and from members (including dependants of deceased members) already receiving pensions and members with deferred pension benefits, but excluding any members of Sections Two and Three


Section Two

Elected by and from members who are employees of TfL or its subsidiaries or contractors but excluding members of Section Three


Section Three

Elected by and from members who are employees of London Underground Limited or its subsidiaries or contractors, or of Tube Lines Limited


The current PCC Councillors

Section One  Section Two  Section Three
Alexandra Barnes Sonja Folarin* - TfL Yetunde Adekola - London Underground
David Biggs Cathy Oates - TfL Eddie Darroch (Chair) - London Underground
Mark Harding Mohan Sukumaran - TfL Tony De Wet - London Underground
Luke Howard Maria Taylor - TfL Jane Gwynn - London Underground
Joel Kosminsky   Khadija McBain - London Underground
Paul Kilius-Smith*   Paul Murphy* - London Underground
Chris Miller*   Paul O'Brien - London Underground
Christopher Sullivan   Peter Woods - London Underground


Nominations and elections

The PCC elects its own Chair annually. The PCC Secretary is provided by TfL. Stephen Field, Director of Pensions & Reward, or his deputy, attends as Pensions Adviser.

The longest-serving quarter of councillors of the PCC must retire from office on 30 November every year.

Any Fund members may nominate, and second, another member as a candidate for election or re-election to the section which represents them all. Retiring Councillors can also be nominated.

The nominee must also provide:

  • The nominee's written confirmation that he or she is prepared to serve on the PCC
  • A personal statement of up to 100 words detailing their reasons for standing for election, or re-election, to the PCC. If they are from section one you should also state whether they are a pensioner or deferred pensioner
  • The nominee's name, as they wish it to appear on the ballot paper
  • Dates the nominee served on the PCC if they have previously been a councillor

The information provided must be factual, appropriate and inoffensive. You may also provide a passport sized photograph of the nominee for inclusion in voting papers.

You should send completed nominations to PCC Secretary, usually by August. Watch the News section for further details and the deadline for submission.

If there are more nominations than vacancies, elections are held by postal ballot among Fund members in the relevant sections.

Nominations of Trustees

Under the Fund rules, the PCC nominates Trustees from among its members as follows:

  • Two Councillors from and by Section One
  • One Councillor from and by Section Two
  • One Councillor from and by Section Three

The PCC decides how long each Trustee is in office. It is normally until the end of the Trustee's PCC period of office.

Summary of meetings

Further information

If you would like more information about the PCC, or a paper copy of the constitution, please contact:

Tim Handley
TfL Pensions
200 Buckingham Palace Road