Actuarial Valuation Committee

Deals with all actuarial matters concerning the Fund.

TfL nominated  Non-TfL nominated
Maria Antoniou (Chair) Stephen Ellaby
Rebecca O'Donnell Chris Miller

Alternatives and Liability Hedging Committee

Covers investment matters concerning alternative assets and liability hedging, including strategy, the appointment and monitoring of investment managers and monitoring the overall benchmark for the Fund's portfolio.

TfL nominated  Non-TfL nominated
Mark Evers Paul Murphy
Rebecca O'Donnell John Timbrell (Chair)

Appeals Committee

Deals with the second stage of disputes in accordance with the Fund's Internal Disputes Resolution Procedure.

TfL nominated   Non-TfL nominated
Mercillina Adesida Stephen Ellaby
Tricia Ashton (Chair) Sonja Folarin
Julian Thirlby Paul Kilius-Smith

Audit & Risk Committee

Oversees the Fund's financial affairs, including the external audit, internal controls, accounting policies, corporate governance and risk reviews.

TfL nominated  Non-TfL nominated
Tom Cunnington Finn Brennan
Chris Reader Lewis Brown (Chair)
James Terry John Leach

Investment Committee

Covers investment matters concerning equities and bonds, including strategy and the appointment and monitoring of investment managers and the custodian.

TfL nominated  Non-TfL nominated
Tricia Ashton Lewis Brown
Mark Evers Paul Kilius-Smith
Rebecca O'Donnell Paul Murphy
Julian Thirlby John Timbrell (Chair)

Operations Committee

Deals with budgets, communications, performance reviews and membership statistics matters. The Fund Office refers to the Operations Committee when guidance is required on certain individual cases.

TfL nominated Non-TfL nominated
 Mercillina Adesida Finn Brennan
 Tom Cunnington Lewis Brown
Chris Reader Sonja Folarin
James Terry Paul Murphy (Chair)