Blackhorse Lane bridge replacement

We're replacing Blackhorse Lane bridge, a single span bridge that crosses two tram lines between Blackhorse Lane and Addiscombe tram stops. Croydon Council-owned Addiscombe Railway Park bridge is being replaced at the same time in a joint project to save public money and time. Read more about the Blackhorse Lane Bridge works.

Renewal works at Addiscombe Road Bridge

We are working on Addiscombe Road Bridge to re-waterproof the structure, carry out repairs and resurface the road.

Most of the work has been completed.

By Wednesday 6 November 2019 Ashburton Road will re-open at the junction with A232 Addiscombe Road. All pavements will re-open.

Until the work is finished:

  • We will make sure pedestrians and cyclists still have access
  • Local diversion signs will remain in place

Please allow extra time for your journey.