As part of this work, there will be no trams between Sandilands and Birkbeck/Elmers End over the following weekends:

  • 13-14 April
  • 27-28 April

There will also be no trams between Addiscombe and Birkbeck/Elmers End over the following weekends:

  • 6-7 April
  • 15-21 April (this is while construction work continues at Blackhorse Lane bridge and follows the 13-14 April closure listed above. A seven day closure will therefore be in place during the school Easter holidays)

Check our Easter travel page for other planned works and service changes that may affect your journey.

Blackhorse Lane bridge replacement

We're replacing Blackhorse Lane bridge, a single span bridge that crosses two tram lines between Blackhorse Lane and Addiscombe tram stops. Croydon Council-owned Addiscombe Railway Park bridge is being replaced at the same time in a joint project to save public money and time. Read more about the Blackhorse Lane Bridge works.

Addiscombe to Blackhorse Lane track renewal

This work will improve the safety and ride quality of the tram track between Addiscombe Road and Blackhorse Lane. We'll replace over 1km of track, which will improve the foundations on which new ballast, sleepers and rails are then laid. We're also improving the alignment of the new track to provide a smoother ride.

For all works:

  • Replacement buses will run between East Croydon and Birkbeck
  • Trams will be less frequent than usual between Wimbledon and East Croydon and between Birkbeck and Beckenham Junction
  • Trams to and from New Addington are unaffected

Essential maintenance of the tram network helps reduce the length and frequency of major, more disruptive engineering work. For safety reasons this work can only take place while trams are not running.

Please check this page throughout the year for the latest updates and future works dates.