TfL Rail performance

Travel information

TfL Rail train times can be found using TfL's travel tools or on the National Rail website. At stations, information on platforms and train times are available on the digital screens or the public address announcements. We also have staff available at every TfL Rail station who can assist customers with train information.

Customers can pay for travel on TfL Rail in different ways:

  • Contactless payment and paper tickets can be used on all TfL Rail services
  • Oyster cards can be used on all TfL Rail services except between West Drayton and Reading
  • Information on ticket prices is available in the Fares section of the TfL website and also from staff at every TfL Rail station
  • Ticket offices and ticket machines are available at each TfL Rail station

We offer a Turn Up and Go service for customers who need assistance. On arrival at the station, a member of staff will be available in the ticket hall. Customers should speak to staff who will be happy to help and ensure another member of staff is available at your destination station. All information on accessibility and facilities for customers with reduced mobility can be found on or can be found in our Accessible Travel Policy which is available on the MTR Elizabeth travel information page.

Information on travelling with bicycles is available on the Cycles on public transport page.

All of our stations are fully staffed from the first train to the last train. If you are travelling and have any queries on ticketing or other information, please speak to a member of staff. Alternatively the TfL Contact Centre can assist with any queries. Details for the contact centre can be found on the Contact us - Tube, Rail, Overground, DLR, Trams, Stations page.

We have help points strategically placed on platforms. The information button can be used to speak to a member of staff for train information. The emergency button can be used to seek help in an emergency.

When things go wrong with the train service, we aim to restore the service as quickly as possible and provide customers with up to date and accurate information. We will advertise the status of the service on to warn customers if the service isn't running normally. In severe disruption, we will arrange for customers to use their tickets free of charge on alternative services. Our staff at stations and on trains will provide customers with real time information. We will explain what has caused the disruption, what impact it is having on the train service and what the best advice is for customers to complete their journey.

In some cases, customers will be able to claim a refund for disrupted journeys. Information on refunds is available on the London Overground and TfL Rail delays page.

Information on how to claim lost property on TfL Rail services is available on the Lost property page.


Our customers and users expect a safe and reliable transport network and we put customers at the heart of everything we do.

Between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2020:

  • 95.7% of trains arrived at their destination within 5 minutes of their scheduled arrival time
  • 95.3% of trains arrived at their destination within 3 minutes of their scheduled arrival time
  • 87.4% of trains arrived at their destination within 1 minute of their scheduled arrival time
  • 2% of trains were cancelled

There are occasions, usually outside of our control, where trains may be delayed or disrupted. During these times, we work with Network Rail to run as normal a service as possible. We have a set of contingency plans that have been pre-agreed with Network Rail and the other operators who share the route. These are designed to be implemented as soon as an incident has occurred and are created to allow all operators to run services for customers. The impact of these plans will be communicated clearly to customers and in a timely manner.

If there are delays or cancellations, we aim to give customers as much notice as possible and simply and clearly explain what the problem is, what the impact is and what our advice is. We will make announcements at the stations and on board trains. More information on how we deal with delays can be found in our Passenger Information During Disruption procedure which can be found on the MTR Elizabeth line website.

If customers are able to claim refunds, announcements will be made at stations.

Cleanliness of trains and stations

Our trains and stations are cleaned regularly. Twice a day our stations are lightly cleaned - floors are swept and mopped, all touchable surfaces are cleaned and bins are emptied. Every four weeks our stations undergo a deep cleaning regime which includes scrubbing the floors, washing the windows, cleaning CCTV cameras and cutting back overgrown vegetation outside the station.

The train exteriors are regularly washed. A light clean of the train interior which includes wiping grab poles, windows and surfaces, emptying bins and clearing litter is carried out before the start of every journey. A deeper clean of the interior is carried out every seven days where the seats are vacuumed, floors are washed and any soiled seat covers are replaced.

The cleaning regimes were enhanced in March 2020 to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19.

In the Spring 2020 National Rail Passenger Survey, 83% of our customers rated the cleanliness of our stations as good or satisfactory and 88% of our customers rated the cleanliness of our train carriages as good or satisfactory.

Customer satisfaction survey

We continuously monitor customer satisfaction through regular surveys. The National Rail Passenger Survey is run by the independent watchdog for transport users, Transport Focus.

The surveys have been on hold since spring 2020 because of the pandemic. TfL also does monthly audits of our stations and trains and do their own customer satisfaction surveys. Customers are asked for their views on every aspect of their journey on TfL Rail - for example how safe and secure they felt, the availability and helpfulness of staff, what the information provision is like and how reliable the service is. We use the feedback to continuously improve our service and the facilities available for our customers.

In the Spring 2020 National Rail Passenger Survey, we received these scores:

  • 89% of customers rated their overall experience with TfL Rail as good or satisfactory
  • 84% of customers rated the punctuality of our trains as good or satisfactory
  • 85% of customers rated the accuracy and availability of information as good or satisfactory
  • 83% of customers rated the upkeep and repair of the trains as good or satisfactory
  • 88% of customers rated the provision of useful information throughout the journey as good or satisfactory
  • 71% of customers rated their levels of personal security at stations and on board trains as good or satisfactory
  • 60% of customers rated the information provision during delays as good or satisfactory

Complaints and compensation

The TfL Contact Centre manages all complaints, commendations and compensation requests received by customers. Having fully investigated any complaints, the Contact Centre aims to respond to a customer within 10 working days with a full explanation.

In 2020, all delay compensation claims were closed within 20 working days.

Our top 5 complaint categories in 2020 were:

Complaint category Number of complaints received (1/1/2020-31/12/2020)
Service performance 249
Built environment 195
Staff 116
Accident, safety and security 58
Service information and publicity 24

Information on complaints and compensation requests is on the Contact us - Tube, Rail, Overground, DLR Trams, Stations page.


We are committed to assisting all customers who travel on TfL Rail. We have boarding ramps at all our stations and fully support and participate in the national Passenger Assist system to ensure our customers can have assistance regardless of which Train Operating Company they are travelling with.

We can provide assistance with boarding and alighting customers. We don't have a reservation system on board our trains but we have seats clearly marked for customers with reduced mobility or disabilities.

Customers can book assistance in advance by speaking to the TfL Contact Centre, using Type Talk or booking through the National Rail Enquiry Service or via Booking is not mandatory however and customers are welcome to turn up at a station and ask for assistance. More information on the assistance we can provide to customers can be found in our Accessible Travel Policy on the MTR Elizabeth line Travel: Passenger information page or on the TfL Transport accessibility page.