Complying with ULEZ

ULEZ standards table

The following table is a summary of the ULEZ standards and daily charge if the vehicle is driven in the ULEZ and does not meet the standards.

 Vehicle type
Includes hybrid vehicles
Minimum emission standards
 Date from when manufacturers must register new vehicles which meet the emission standards Maximum age (date first registered as new with the DVSA) of vehicle by 2020
Vehicles this age or younger in 2020 will meet with the ULEZ standards and not incur a charge
Charge if vehicle does not meet the ULEZ standards. This is payable in addition to any applicable LEZ or CCZ charges 
Motorcycles, moped etc.
Category L
Euro 3From 1 July 200713 years£12.50
Car and small van
Category M1 and N1 (I)

Euro 4 (petrol)

Euro 6 (diesel)


From 1 January 2006

From 1 September 2015


14 years


5 years 


Large van and minibus - Category N1 (II and III) and M2

Euro 4 (petrol)

Euro 6 (diesel)

From 1 January 2007

From 1 September 2016

13 years

4 years

 Bus/coach - Category M3 Euro VI From 1 January 20146 years£100


Discounts and exemptions


  • Registered residents who live in the ULEZ will be granted a three year sunset period with a 100% discount to give them more time to change their vehicle to meet the ULEZ standards
  • The discount will be available to those who live in the ULEZ from 2020 to 2023 and will only apply while they live within the zone
  • After the 6 September 2023, residents must pay 100% of the daily ULEZ charge to drive a vehicle in the zone if it does not meet the ULEZ standards

The ULEZ residents' discount will be available to residents within the ULEZ and in designated areas next to the ULEZ (as apply to the Congestion Charge residents' discount). To benefit from the residents discount you must have successfully registered with Transport for London. More details on how you can register for this discount will be available closer to the time.

Vehicles for disabled people

  • Vehicles that have a 'disabled' or 'disabled passenger vehicle' tax class ('disabled exemption') will be granted a three year sunset period with a 100% discount, up until 6 September 2023. Read the eligibility criteria for the disabled exemption on
  • After this date the daily charge will be applicable. Details of how this discount will be applied will be available closer to the time
  • Blue Badge holders will be required to meet the new ULEZ emission standards unless the vehicle has a 'disabled' or 'disabled passenger vehicle' tax class

Historic vehicles

All vehicles that have a 'historic' vehicle tax class will be exempt from the ULEZ. This tax class excludes any vehicle used commercially.

Vehicles built before 1 January 1973 will also be exempt from ULEZ. These vehicles were built
before emissions standards came into force and are exempted because of their unsuitability for
engine conversion or replacement.

Specialist vehicles

A small number of vehicle types which are currently exempt from the LEZ would also be exempt from the ULEZ charge. These include:

  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Military vehicles
  • Non-road going vehicles which are allowed to drive on the highway (for example, excavators)
  • Certain types of mobile cranes

These vehicles typically use engines certified to different standards than road-going engines and are exempt due to their unsuitability for conversion to an alternate fuel or engine replacement.

If you receive any other discounts or exemptions for the Congestion Charge or LEZ you will still need to pay the ULEZ charge if you drive within the zone in a vehicle that does not meet the ULEZ standards.

Discount for showman's vehicles

Showman's vehicles are eligible for a 100 per cent discount from the ULEZ daily charge if:

  • they are registered to a person following the business of a travelling showman and have been modified or specially constructed
  • they are registered with Transport for London to qualify for the discount

Trailers and semi-trailers which have been modified or specially constructed are not eligible for the 100 per cent discount.

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