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Once you have opened a personal account or business account, you will be able to add up to 5 people as authorised users to help you manage your account. Each user will be given unique sign in credentials.

There is little difference between the 2 account types.

With either account you can nominate up to 5 account users to help manage it. Each user will get their own sign in credentials.

Personal account users can apply for CC Auto Pay, an automated payment service for up to 5 vehicles.

Business account users can apply for CC Auto Pay but also have the option of Fleet Auto Pay, an automated payment service for companies with a fleet of 6 or more vehicles.

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All account-related correspondence will be sent to the email address you supply here.

If you are setting up an account on behalf of a business, you may prefer to enter your individual work email address rather than a group one. This will make it easier to send and receive important emails.

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You need to create a 6-digit number to set up secure online access to your London Road User Charging account. Make a note of this number. It will also help identify you should you need to contact us by phone.

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