Advanced London By Bike

The aim of ALBB is to explore and share ideas about developing cycling skills for individual and group riding, and to explore how club members can influence London's cycling culture, through their role as cycling ambassadors and advocates.

What does my club receive through the ALBB scheme?

  1. A workshop/seminar for up to 30 members which covers:
    • Individual advanced riding skills
    • Group riding skills
    • Understanding London's new infrastructure
    • Your role as ambassadors for cycling
    • Talking about cycling, mythbusting and language
  2. Individual Advanced Cycle Skills sessions, tailor made to perfect your skills. Club members can use the free two hour session to explore issues on specific routes and get feedback on their riding skills, helping to undo bad habits and affirm good skills.

How do I book an ALBB seminar for my club?

Email to book a seminar.


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