Saturday markets

Person on a Santander Cycle with a graphic of Portabello Road behind them

Hire a Santander Cycle

You can use your own cycle or hire a Santander Cycle for this route using our Santander Cycles app or docking stations on the way. Drop off your cycle, enjoy the sights and then pick up another cycle.

Borough Market to Covent Garden

Start your day by browsing through Borough Market - London's oldest fruit and vegetable market.

You can then hire a Santander Cycle from the docking station on Park Street.

1. Follow the street round to the left and at the end, turn right onto Sumner Street

2. Turn right onto Holland Street and then turn left onto Hopton Street

3. Turn right when you reach Southwark Street and turn right again after the railway bridge onto Blackfriars Road

4. Turn left when you reach Upper Ground and follow the road until you go under Waterloo Bridge

5. Take the first left and follow the cycle path to cross over the bridge

6. Continue to Wellington Street and turn left onto Tavistock Street

7. Turn right towards Covent Garden

See Covent Garden

Browse the boutique stalls, shops and even take a detour to the London Transport Museum at historic Covent Garden.

Covent Garden to Trafalgar Square

1. After the market, follow Henrietta Street. At the end, turn left onto Bedford Street

2. At the end, turn right onto the Strand and follow to the roundabout. You can also get off your cycle and use the pedestrian crossings

3. Take the third exit on the roundabout and then go under Admiralty Arch. You can also get off your cycle and use the pedestrian crossings

Trafalgar Square to Hyde Park

1. At the end of The Mall, turn right onto Constitution Hill to go past Buckingham Palace

2. Follow the road to the end and then at the roundabout, use the cycle path to go under Wellington Arch and into Hyde Park

Hyde Park to Portobello Road

1. In Hyde Park, follow the cycle path next to the horse track and go straight over West Carriage Drive

2. Once you pass the Round Pond, turn right onto Broad Walk

3. Follow the walk to the end and then turn left onto Bayswater Road

4. At the end of the road, go straight onto Notting Hill Gate

5. When you reach Notting Hill Gate Tube Station, turn right onto Pembridge Road. You can also get off your cycle and use the pedestrian crossing

6. Take the second exit on the roundabout to continue on Pembridge Road

7. Turn left onto Portobello Road and dock your cycle at Chepstow Villas

See Portobello Market

Stroll through Portobello Market - the world's largest antiques market with over 1,000 dealers.