London's secret gardens

Waterfall down rocks at Holland Park

Hire a Santander Cycle 

You can use your own cycle or hire a Santander Cycle for this route using our app or docking stations on the way. Drop off your cycle, enjoy the sights and then pick up another cycle.  

Ladbroke Grove to Holland Park 

You can hire a Santander Cycle from Ladbroke Grove central docking station. 

1. Follow the road and take the third left onto Elgin Crescent 

2. Take the next left onto Rosemead Road 

See Rosemead Gardens 

In the film Notting Hill, Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant hop over the fence to walk around the garden. Unfortunately, this is a private garden, but you can still catch a glimpse of the famous location through the gate. 

3. At the end of the road, turn right onto Landsdowne Road and then left onto Landsdowne Rise 

4. At the end, turn right onto Landsdowne Crescent and follow the road to the end 

5. Turn right onto Ladbroke Grove and then follow the road to the end 

6. Turn right onto Holland Park Avenue and then take the second left onto Holland Walk. You'll need to get off your cycle and walk on the pavement

7. Follow the walk until you see the right turn into Holland Park. You can't cycle through the park so you can dock your cycle here

Holland Park to Kyoto Garden 

1. Inside the park, turn right and then left 

2. Follow the path towards the café and then turn right into Kyoto Garden 

See Kyoto Garden 

Watch the beautiful waterfalls, spot peacocks and carp in the serene ponds and relax in the greenery in this traditional Japanese garden. 

Kyoto Garden to Hyde Park 

1. Go back towards Holland Walk and follow it towards Kensington High Street 

2. Turn left onto the street and follow it until you see Kensington Palace Gardens 

3. Turn left and follow the road, then turn right onto Palace Avenue and follow it until you get to Hyde Park 

Hyde Park to Chelsea Physic Garden 

1. Follow the cycle path through the park and turn left when you reach West Carriage Drive 

2. At the end of the drive, turn right onto North Carriage Drive 

3. Turn right off the drive and onto the cycle path past Speaker's Corner

4. Follow the path until you leave Hyde Park 

5. Go straight at Albert Gate and the traffic lights, then use the cycle lane on William Street 

6. Follow the lane to continue onto Lowndes Square, Lowndes Street and then Chesham Street 

7. Turn left onto Lyall Street and at the end, turn right onto Eaton Square and then Sloane Square 

8. At the roundabout, go straight over to King's Road and dock your cycle at the Royal Avenue docking station  

9. You can then walk to the Chelsea Physic Garden. Follow Royal Avenue and then turn right onto Leonard Terrace 

10. At the end, turn left onto Durham Place and then continue onto Ormonde Gate 

11. Turn right onto Royal Hospital Road and follow it down to the garden 

See Chelsea Physic Garden 

The oldest botanic garden in London, the Chelsea Physic Garden is home to 5,000 different plants. 

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