Jeanette with her bike

What got you into cycling?

On the 29/1/2010 I had a serious accident and ended up in a wheelchair and house bound with lots of operations to follow and finally in March 2013 I had my right leg amputated below knee this has still left me with complications.

Over the next few years I put weight on and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't lose the weight. I ended buying a fold up bike and giving it a go. I didn't have full bend on my knee at the time so it made cycling hard and my balance was all over the place (I kept falling off the bike). I never gave up. Last February I bought a road bike - by then my cycling had improved and I was able to bend my knee. In June I cycled coast to coast with Limbpower and although I needed help, I managed to cycle 187 miles over 3 days.

Who do you cycle with?

I always cycled on my own as I thought I was too slow to cycle with a group, but last year I finally joined a Breeze ride cycling from Redbridge. Apart from hills which are incredibly hard for me as I'm using one leg, I had a super experience and ended up going out with the Breeze girls every week. In October I had another operation on my leg so I was unable to cycle for two months, this drove me mad as cycling is my freedom! In January I joined Redbridge cycling club, a very friendly club and everyone is so kind and caring.

What would you say to women considering cycling?

If I can cycle, you can. It's great fun. It might be challenging but you meet amazing friends. I don't feel alone any more and I have my freedom back. I feel fitter and healthier and its all down to getting on a bike.

What types of rides do you take part in?

On 17 April this year I completed the London Phoenix Easter classic 70 miles, I may not have been the fastest but I finished it, this is the longest ride I've done and I was super chuffed with myself, my friends were praising me so much.

The thing with being an amputee is everyone thinks once your leg has gone you're fine, but it's not like that. It comes with more problems than ever - I'm not pain free, my leg sweats when I cycle, I get sore skin, but the enjoyment is greater than what I can feel.