Maintain your bike

  1. Check tyres regularly - replace if showing signs of wear or damage
  2. Pump up tyres until they are too hard to squeeze - reduces punctures and makes cycling easier
  3. Check brakes - they should stop the wheel fully when the lever is only part pulled
  4. Don't allow brakes to skim the wheels - this will slow you down
  5. Oil the chain - for smoother gear transaction. If it squeaks, or is brown, it needs some oil
  6. Listen for noises - squeaks, rattles and scraping suggests something needs attention 
  7. Keep your bike undercover - it will prolong its life and reduce maintenance
  8. Get the seat height right - having it too low will make cycling hard work
  9. Make sure your gears change smoothly - you may need professional help to adjust them
  10. Check that wheels spin smoothly - turn the cycle upside down and spin the wheels. Any wobbles, or a less than perfect spinning circle, suggests expert advice is required 

Maintenance courses

Visit London Cycling Campaign for advice about cycle maintenance and courses.

Cycle Systems Academy offer a range of maintenance courses and online tutorials.

Evans Cycles have provided 'How To' maintenance films.

Cycle Training UK offer one-day basic and intermediate courses.

Local cycle shops

You can get details of cycle shops in your area from the The Cycling Experts, a nationwide network of businesses that deliver a variety of products, services and skills to the public.
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