Where to take your bike on public transport


You can take a folded bike anywhere and anytime. Download the map below for details of where you can travel with your non-folded bike.


Folded bikes are accepted at the driver's discretion. The rules are the same for pushchairs and larger items of shopping and luggage.

Docklands Light Railway

Non-folded bicycles

  •  Allowed off-peak Monday-Friday until 07:30, between 09:30 and 16:00, and after 19:00 and all day weekends and on bank holidays. For safety reasons, bicycles aren't allowed at Bank station

Folded bicycles

  • Can be used on all DLR trains, at any time. Tandems or bicycles with trailers aren't allowed on DLR trains

Cyclists are advised to avoid using the DLR during large local events. Please listen to advice from staff at all times.

London Overground

Non-folded bicycles

  • Can not be carried on any London Overground train between 07:30 and 09:30, and 16:00 and 19:00, Monday-Friday (except public holidays) with the exception of services shown below
  • Can not be carried on buses that replace trains due to engineering work

Exceptions to the above, where you can take a bicycle on London Overground trains

  • Leaving Liverpool Street station towards Chingford, Enfield Town or Cheshunt, between 07:30 and 09:30, and
  • Arriving at Liverpool Street station from Chingford, Enfield Town or Cheshunt, between 16:00 and 19:00

Folded bicycles

  • Are accepted on London Overground trains at all times

Please speak to a member of staff for more information.

Tfl Rail

Non-folded bicycles

Liverpool Street to Shenfield

  • Can't be carried on any TfL Rail train arriving at Stratford or Liverpool Street between 07:45 and 09:45 and leaving Liverpool Street or Stratford between 16:30 and 18.30, Monday-Friday (except public holidays)

Paddington to Heathrow

  • Can't be carried on any TfL Rail train leaving Heathrow Airport between 07:30 and 10:00 and leaving London Paddington between 16:30 and 19:00, Monday - Friday (except public holidays)

Folded bikes

  • Can be taken on TfL Rail trains at all times. Please speak to a member of staff for more information


Most riverboat services accept bikes on board, but please ask the boat operator you are travelling with in advance.


Please ask the company you are booked with about travelling with a bike.


Trams only takes folded bicycles - no container is required.

Emirates Air Line

You can take bicycles on the Emirates Air Line at all times.

National Rail

National Rail's planner details where you can take your bike on the train.