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1. Production of scoping document for the Transport Assessment (TA)
Outlining proposed analysis techniques and issues to be examined (submit to TfL in advance of pre-application meeting).

2. Pre-application discussions with TfL
Discussion of approach to TA including analysis techniques, data availability, modelling, planning obligation issues, particular issues or concerns with the draft TA.

3. Completed Transport Assessment
Submission of planning application to the Local Planning Authority, including TA and planning obligation heads of terms.

4. Formal consideration of the planning application
TA circulated within TfL with a coordinated written response provided by Borough Planning sent to the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

5. Mayor's stage 1 report
TfL advice incorporated into stage 1 report including information on necessary planning obligations and any information needed (produced by GLA).

6. Further submissions
TfL involved in discussion alongside other stakeholders to resolve issues raised at stage 1 and agree planning obligations and conditions. All additional requests and updated information should be submitted to TfL in an addendum to the TA.

7. Planning committee
Transport issues need to be resolved and planning obligations and conditions linked to transport requirements, need to be agreed with TfL and LPA in advance of the committee. In advance of committee TfL may provide updated representations to the LPA advising how issues initially raised have been progressed.

8. Mayor's stage 2 report
Further submissions, subsequent agreement and TfL advice contribute to a stage 2 Mayoral report. The relevant agreed planning obligation heads of terms and conditions are set out here. At stage 2, the Mayor makes a decision on three options: 1) Allow local planning authority's decision to proceed unchanged; 2) direct the LPA to refuse; or 3) apply policy tests to see if he is justified in taking over the application.

9. Planning obligation finalisation (if application not refused)

Final detailed drafting of planning obligations that are required by GLA/TfL and LPA in order to secure funding / works in kind for mitigation. TfL involvement at this stage will depend on whether is a signatory to the section 106 agreement and / or the complexity of transport-related obligations.

10. Planning permission
Following finalisation of planning obligations, planning permission will be granted.