In general qualifying developments will be those of large scale and/or at a strategic location on the transport network. In these cases the developer will be expected to participate in pre-application discussions to develop an appropriate assessment methodology which may require the use of TfL's strategic modelling suite.

Requirements for your planning application

TfL Planning's Strategic Analysis team ensure that decisions concerning London's transport network are informed by an appropriate evidence base. The team's work includes assessing the impact of both London's growth and major schemes on the strategic transport network, which informs planning application decisions. The Strategic Analysis team run, maintain and develop TfL's strategic models: the London Transportation Studies (LTS) multi-modal model, the Railplan public transport assignment model, five sub-regional highway assignment models and an integrated regional demand model (LoRDM).

Further detail on the uses and application of LTS, Railplan and the sub-regional highway assignment models can be found here:

A land-use transport interaction model covering London and the south east regions has also been developed to explore the link between future development and accessibility changes. Together these models complement each other and can be used to inform decision making. The team can also provide advice on off-model analysis using a wide range of transport data.

If a development is deemed to require a strategic impact assessment, the Strategic Analysis team will provide bespoke advice and guidance, through the pre-application process, in order to ensure a representative assessment is made using the most appropriate data, analysis and tools. Timescales for a strategic assessment depend on the complexity of the task - it may take six to 12 months. Therefore early engagement to determine appropriate timescales is essential.

Availability and use of TfL's strategic modelling suite

Use of TfL's strategic models is limited to those consultants / organisations approved by its accreditation process, details of which can be provided within pre-application discussions. A developer seeking a strategic impact assessment must ensure that the modelling assessment is carried out by an approved model user.  

To conduct a strategic assessment using TfL's strategic modelling tools, the sponsor must apply to TfL to obtain a licence agreement for model usage. The licence fees for the use of the strategic models are reviewed annually. Details of our current model access fees are available from

The Strategic Analysis team will provide guidance on the use of the models on a development specific basis. Standard guidance on the use of the Highway Assignment Models can also be found here:

TfL would expect the guidance to be followed unless exceptional local requirements apply and are agreed with TfL.