These Section 278 agreements provide financial and insurance mechanisms for ensuring delivery of mitigation works identified as necessary for planning permission to be granted.

Before TfL will begin the process of entering into a Section 278 agreement, we require that:

  • Full planning consent has been given for the proposed works
  • The developer has entered into an Abortive Costs Undertaking (ACU)
  • The Section 278 works have been deemed to be of benefit to the public
  • All land necessary to implement the Section 278 works is in the control of the developer

As highway authority, TfL has the power to decide the acceptability of a contractor that works on the TLRN. In general TfL will expect Section 278 projects to be delivered via TfL's London Highway Alliance Contract (LoHAC) Team, unless there are strong specific project or development reasons to consider an alternative delivery mechanism.

Contact us

Please email all requests to enter into a Section 278 agreement for schemes on the TLRN.