Other interventions

Traffic signs

If the scope of work relates to traffic signs, please refer to the DfT Traffic Signs Manual.

The following documents should be used as a reference when undertaking highway design:

Bus Infrastructure

If the proposals involve bus infrastructure, please refer to TfL's Accessible bus stop design guidance (2006) (PDF 3.2MB).

Construction logistics plans

If the proposals require a construction management or logistics plan to be submitted to the local authority, please refer to guidance on how to produce this document:

Loading and waiting restrictions

If the proposals require unloading or loading from the highway during any stage in the life cycle of the proposed development, please refer to this guidance:

Lane Rental

If the proposals involve the occupation of the highway at any stage in the life cycle of the proposed development, the TfL Lane Rental Scheme may be applicable and a charge may be levied. Find out more about lane rental.

Road Safety Audit

If the applicant is requested to undertake a road safety audit, the following guidance documents can be used:

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