The introduction of the superhighways is a key part of the strategy to increase the overall number of trips made by bicycles. Cycle Superhighways form part of the Mayor's Vision for Cycling in London which was published in March 2013.

Requirements for your planning application

Existing and planned Cycle Superhighway routes in the vicinity of the development should be set out within the transport assessment (TA). The TA should explain how the proposal will safely and conveniently link cyclists to the route. Developers will need to consider the potential implications for collisions between road users and cyclists, and minimise the risk of collisions where possible.

If the development is within 100 metres of existing or proposed routes, TfL encourages early engagement and if appropriate may seek contributions towards the implementation or improvement of the scheme.

For details of routes and information on how your development could impact on the operation of the current and future superhighways see the TfL Cycle Superhighways pages.

Construction advice

Construction of the superhighways is carried out by TfL and partners in the London boroughs where appropriate. Disruption is kept to a minimum, and residents and businesses are notified in advance of any construction activities.

Disruption to superhighways as a result of development construction needs to be discussed with TfL at the earliest opportunity so that it can be mitigated, and safe, convenient routes maintained throughout.

Any potential disruption to superhighways as a result of a development construction needs to be discussed with TfL at the earliest opportunity.

This will enable mitigation to be agreed by maintaining safe, convenient routes throughout the construction period. Mitigation may need to be funded by the developer.