Car clubs can also include vans for undertaking removals, business-related journeys or shopping trips for bulky items.

Why plan?

Car clubs are supported in London Plan policies 6.2, 6.11 and 6.13 as a means to promote sustainable travel, smooth traffic flow and tackle congestion and implement sustainable levels of car parking in developments.

Requirements for your planning application

TfL encourages the provision of car club vehicles as part of developments as a means of reducing the need for private and commercial car ownership and/or use. Car clubs have a number of benefits, including the ability to reduce congestion and parking pressures, helping to improve air quality and improving accessibility to cars on an affordable basis. Car clubs can help to support low-car, car liteĀ or car-free developments.

The number and location of car club vehicles suitable for development will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis The viability of car clubs as part of developments will vary considerably, therefore TfL recommends early engagement with the council and local car club operator(s) to discuss options. TfL also supports the inclusion of car club membership for new commercial and private residents as part of travel planning measures to encourage sustainable travel.