The station caters for upwards of 40 million passengers each year and is the primary transport hub for access to the Olympic Park.

The objective was to create a new transport hub that would help facilitate local regeneration. In support of this the station development included a new civic square, a high quality bus station, cycle parking with good natural surveillance, improved taxi facilities and coach drop off/pick up point.

The interior is split in half by the North London Line with access across this divide provided by a mezzanine level bridge that also links to the DLR platforms. Access to the central Line and rail services is currently via two underpasses, however construction work is underway on direct access from DLR to these services provided by a new footbridge.

The main building is contained within a glass envelope, covered by a curved roof providing good visibility on entrance to DLR, North London Line and Jubilee Line Extension services. Signs direct passengers to the rail and Central line platforms. The station roof design facilitates natural ventilation whilst high quality materials, good natural surveillance and a strong staff presence provide a strong sense of security and comfort.

The good sightlines and legible spatial management support inter-modal passenger movement within the facility. The roof design admits natural light and creates natural ventilation. Circulation routes together with step-free access cater for mobility-impaired passengers. The interior is designed for people with impaired hearing, while tactile and visibility strips have been incorporated to assist visually impaired passengers.

"Iconic design"

Stratford Bus station has an iconic design and is a strong local landmark. Clear signing and sightlines deliver simple intermodal connectivity between interchange facilities. Information and bus stand identification within the bus interchange is consistent with TfL standards and passenger spaces provide protection from the elements.

Connectivity between the interchange zone and the immediate local area is also good - with clear sightlines to local destinations, uncluttered movement spaces and pedestrian crossings located to meet with desire lines.

Issues remain with legacy signing in the rail/underground station creating uncertainty on the Central line/mainline rail platforms and capacity increases are beginning to impact on movement in the eastern entrance, beyond the gate line at the foot of the stairs to the mezzanine level.

There are also some issues with connections to buses stopping on The Broadway requiring interchanging passengers to walk through a local shopping centre. Current works are aimed to address some of these issues whilst increasing overall accessibility and connectivity to the Olympic Park.