How to apply

  1. Complete the advice request form
  2. Return it to the address given on the form, along with any supporting information on CD or by email

Within five working days we will let you know if your application is suitable for pre-application advice. If you're accepted, you'll have to pay a fee. All the income we get goes into improving our service. 

Pre-planning application advice request form


Fees (as of 1 November 2015)

 Strategic referable applications

  • £4,550 (plus VAT) for the first meeting
  • £1,650 (plus VAT) for follow-up meetings
  • £3,000 (plus VAT) for public bodies

Other non referable applications

  • £1,650 (plus VAT). Please note that in cases where formal written advice only is necessary, this fee would be discounted by 50%.

All fees are non-refundable.


Once your fees are paid, we'll organise a meeting with you. This should happen within 20 working days. Your case officer will normally chair the meeting.

Depending on your case, other TfL specialists may come to the meeting. We'll also invite a council officer unless you ask us not to.

There will usually be a site visit before the meeting takes place.

What meetings cover

The meeting is likely to cover:

  • The location and public transport
  • Parking
  • Effect on traffic
  • Public transport, pedestrians and cycles
  • Construction and servicing
  • Travel plan
  • Planning obligations/S106

If we don't need to do any further research, we will send you a detailed advice letter within 10 working days of the meeting. This will outline any major transport planning issues and any requirements we've agreed.

Our advice

Your advice letter comes from the Director of Borough Partnerships. It is never a response to any planning application.

Any views or opinions are given in good faith. They relate solely to transport issues.

The degree of detail in our letter will depend on the quality of information you give us in the first place.