Planning applications

They are automatically submitted to our Borough Planning department by either the Greater London Authority or the local planning authority. We tell them how these planning applications are likely to affect transport.

Application stages

When we receive your planning application, a case officer will be assigned.

Each case officer looks after a geographical area managed by five area managers and the manager of the Planning Obligations team.

You only need to take action if we ask for further information about transport in your application.

Assessment and advice

Our guide will help you to produce your transport assessment report, which is part of the planning application documents. We also offer pre-application advice.

Developments of strategic importance

There are three types of these developments:

  • Category 1: large-scale development
  • Category 2: major infrastructure
  • Category 3: developments that may affect strategic policies

Read more about categories in our guide on referable criteria below. Also see the Town Country Planning (Mayor of London) Order 2008 page on the website.

Referable Criteria (Mayor of London Order 2008)



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