Highway licences

Local authorities can issue licences for other items including pavement cafés and seating areas, but only with our consent.

Highway licence policies

These three documents outline our policies for considering highway licence applications:

The standard conditions are generic to any application. Conditions specific to particular activities are detailed in the relevant application form.

Fees are chargeable for some types of application.

Processing time is typically four weeks - longer if road closures are required.

Local authority consents

For consideration of consents for basement openings, flag poles, pavement café seating areas, street trading and/or refuse storage bins, you should first contact the relevant local authority, who will then consult with TfL.

Road closures

If any consent involves a road closure (to accommodate a crane lift, for example) then we can arrange for temporary road closures as part of the process. There are statutory procedures which must be followed, with advertising costs of £2,050 to £7,000 (depending on location).

Processing time is six to eight weeks for partial road closures and 10-12 weeks for full road closures.

Application forms

As the highway authority for the red routes, TfL license the following applications: 


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