The design objectives were for integration with the surrounding context, clear orientation and minimal signage with an energy efficiency objective for no air conditioning.

The station makes extensive use of high quality materials in its construction and incorporates natural light visible at concourse level from the west and east entrances. This acts both as a wayfinding beacon and creates a perception of safety and reassurance.

Canopies over the entrances provide protection from the elements. The internal space is simply laid out, with clear movement paths from entrance to platform. Its clear organisation creates a legible design, resulting in a reassuring passenger experience with minimal signing. A good staff presence combined with CCTV, good natural surveillance and lighting achieves a positive sense of personal security.

The design incorporates glazed screens with automatic gates along platform edges minimising risks to visually impaired users and improving boarding and alighting times. Lift shafts are glazed offering good natural surveillance and good external visibility for onward movement.

Operational and passenger amenities, including toilets, are located to the edges of the central movement spaces. Access to surrounding office and retail amenities is integrated into the design of the station, the build and maintenance quality of the station, its cathedral-like space and strong sense of place echoing that of its surrounding context.