Contact Taxis & Private Hire

Provide feedback

If you want to make a suggestion, enquiry, complaint or say thank you, please contact Taxis & minicabs.

Report illegal activity

You can report touting or other illegal cab activity by submitting a form to us. Reports will be used to inform future deployments.

Existing licensee

Please call us on 0343 222 4444* to do any of the following:

  • Check the progress of your application or renewal
  • Change your name or address
  • Change your medical conditions
  • Apply for an exemption
  • Request a replacement licence
  • Apply for an exemption
  • Book your operator inspection
  • Notify us of any convictions, cautions or charges
  • Write to us or raise a query

Please call us on 0343 222 5555* if you wish to:

  • Change your vehicle details
  • Book your vehicle inspection

Email us at

*Find out about TfL call charges


We now have our own dedicated Twitter account where we provide useful information to the Taxis and Private Hire trade, please follow us at @tfltph.

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