Product licensing

Our Intellectual Property (IP) includes maps, roundels, signage and moquette patterns, all of which are among the most recognised symbols and images in the world.

And we welcome you to use it! Get involved and use elements of our IP through our comprehensive licencing and IP programme.

Product licensing

We've worked with partners to develop exceptional products. From the Paperchase Tube map design range to limited-edition Adidas trainers, there's huge scope for creativity.

Just a few things to note first. We only grant licences for products or product ranges that aren't currently offered under Transport Trading Limited's licensing programme. If you'd like a licence, your company needs to have established distribution or retail outlets - licences aren't given to companies wishing to retail products on eBay or other internet vendors.

Licences are not available for souvenir products to be sold in the UK gift market as Transport Trading Ltd has appointed, by tender, one master souvenir licensee for the UK market. Companies wanting to tender for this licence can do so when Transport Trading Ltd advertises appointments to tender for the UK gift and souvenir business.

If you'd like to develop a product or range of products under licence, follow these steps:

  1. Email your designs in PDF format for review and approval by our licensing agency TSBA at
  2. Submit a prototype for approval before manufacture
  3. Send production samples to TSBA once the item is manufactured. This is for our records and so that quality and standards can be checked

Depending on the type of product needing approval, we generally clear permissions in a few days, although we normally ask you to allow between five to 10 working days. We will also do our very best to accommodate urgent requests.

We aim to feature all TfL licensed products on our web shops, including the London Transport Museum shop.

Intrigued? Email our licensing agency TSBA at:

Filming and TV licensing

Want to create a film set using our station signs, buses, posters, maps or other TfL-owned assets for editorial or promotional purposes? Filming, reproduction and licence fees apply, and vary depending on the scale of the project and the IP being used.

For our help secure your permissions and licence, email this information to

  • Type and purpose of the production or publication where you'll include the material
  • Detailed information describing exactly how our IP will be used
  • For use of our IP for editorial purposes in feature films, television productions including documentaries, include a synopsis of the production and relevant script pages, illustrating how the material is to be used
  • For use of our IP in promotional activity, for example of a TV programme/film or a product service, state the context, IP to be used, length of campaign channels used (TV, OOH, Press, DM) and the territories
  • For publishing use, include the associated text and the relevance of the material to it
  • Title(s) and reference number(s), of posters that are requested from London Transport Museum
  • Distribution of your production including media, territory, length of term, broadcast date etc
  • Name, address and company registration number of your production or publication

Find out how to arrange filming on the Filming & photography on TfL page.

Trademark infringement issues  

If you would like to report the unauthorised use of any of TfL's trademarks, email our infringements team: