Product licensing

Licences can only be granted for products or product ranges that are currently not offered under Transport Trading Ltd's licensing programme.

To obtain a licence, your company must have established distribution or retail outlets. Licences are not granted to companies wishing to retail products on ebay or other such internet vendors.

Licences are not available for souvenir products to be sold in the London/UK gift market as Transport Trading Ltd has appointed, by tender, one master souvenir licensee for the UK market. Companies wishing to tender for this licence can do so when Transport Trading Ltd advertises appointments to tender for the UK gift and souvenir business.

If you wish to develop a product or range of products under licence, you must:

  1. Send your designs electronically in PDF format for TfL's Trade Mark Development team to review/approve
  2. A prototype should be submitted for approval prior to manufacture
  3. Production samples must be sent to TfL for their records once the item is manufactured to check on quality and standards

Depending on the type of product requiring approval, we generally clear permissions in a matter of days, but do note we normally ask you to allow between 5 to 10 working days.

TfL will make every effort to accommodate urgent requests, but cannot guarantee immediate turnaround.

We try to feature all TfL licensed products on our web shops and, where possible, in the London Transport Museum shop.

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