Logo requests

The roundel design first appeared at Underground stations in the early 1900s.

Each of our transport divisions, or modes, has its own roundel. These communicate that while they are part of TfL, they also operate independently.

Strict rules exist about how the roundel can be implemented, and copyright exists on its reproduction. Only name/words (companies, stations etc.) already used by TfL can be written through the bar of the logo and any third party wishing to reproduce any of these logos must first seek the written authority of TfL. There are also guidelines that need to be followed when using any of the TfL family of logos. In all instances TfL must supply the artwork. Please refer to our design standards.

Note that simply changing the colours will not alter the fact that the circle and bar shape of the TfL family of logos is a registered trade mark and therefore protected under the 1994 Trade Marks Act. Anyone wishing to use any of our modal roundels or other corporate logos needs to apply for permission.

The logo cannot be used to endorse external companies or services. However, the logo can be used for:

  • Identifying a nearest station and you can apply to obtain the correct logo below
  • If you are a supplier to a company within TfL, then you can reproduce the relevant logo in your company's literature. Our written permission must be sought and we will require the authority of the relevant department you have been working with, who will also check the text prior to publishing