Our handbook sets out good practice to those involved with roadworks and other construction related activities on TfL's road network (TLRN). London's road network has changed in recent years, with far more people choosing to travel on foot, by cycle or by bus, and this guidance specifically focuses on these travel choices. It supplements existing national standards, and it is expected that the guidance is followed by all those involved with the design, planning, implementation and inspection of temporary traffic management on the TLRN.

It will not only make roads safer for vulnerable road users - people who walk, cycle and ride motorcycles - but will help unlock the barriers to active travel faced by people who are visually impaired, or who use wheelchairs and other mobility aids. It will also help those delivering roadworks protect the reliability of buses and the accessibility of bus stops.

The overall aim is to ensure that works are not a barrier to people travelling, and our vision is to accomplish a zero-risk standard for roadworks operations by 2025.

Please send an email to TMWorkingGroup@TfL.gov.uk if you have any queries relating to the handbook or have any suggestions for future iterations.