Become a supplier


We recommend that potential suppliers register on CompeteFor in order to benefit from:

  • Equal access to a range of opportunities from major buyers and their supply chains, offering achievable packages of work, particularly for small and medium-sized suppliers
  • E-alerts about 'matched' opportunities
  • Seeing who has been awarded and shortlisted for contracts

Pre-qualification (rail)

Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS)

RISQS (formerly Achilles Link-up) is the UK rail industry supplier qualification scheme providing a single common qualification process for suppliers. It is shared by the UK rail industry (including London Underground) and is operated by Achilles Information Limited.

We use RISQS to obtain suitable suppliers (by applying selection criteria) for use in competitive tendering processes mainly for rail and Underground projects. For more information on RISQS, please visit

Supplier registration


Suppliers successful in winning a contract will need to register on our purchase-to-pay system to begin trading with us. The process is initiated by registering your company details.

Please note it is important that suppliers do not register multiple times. To check if your organisation is already a registered supplier, please contact us on 0800 368 4850 (TfL call charges).

Full instructions on registering as a supplier can be found in the document, Supplier registration guidance, on our Procurement information page.


Take steps to get paid quicker and submit your invoices in a way that doesn't involve paper, postage or manual handling.

TfL's ePurchase 2 Pay (eP2P) solution enables purchase orders to be submitted electronically and can automatically receive and process invoices that are sent in a supported file format through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). eP2P is the easiest way to receive orders and submit your invoices.

To complete the eP2P form, or to find more information, please visit our Procurement information page or call 0343 222 5100 (Tfl call charges).


Electronic tendering

To take part in any tendering activity on our eTendering system, suppliers must first register online. There are more details on the eTendering portal to help with this.


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