Travel Smart

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What is Travel Smart?

This programme is a digital interactive platform to teach road safety skills to 16-19 year olds as they gain further independence as drivers, passengers, moped riders cyclists and pedestrians.

What the programme is about

The content raises their awareness of how to behave safely on, and around the road and vividly shows the consequences if poor choices are made.

Through videos and quizzes, young people will hear a series of true stories and options and then have the chance to discuss how their decisions can impact others.

Our commitment

We're committed to achieving the Mayor's vision of reducing the number of people killed, or seriously injured, on London's roads to zero. By teaching very young children precious safety skills, this programme will be crucial in helping us reach this goal.

How to get involved

If you're a Secondary or Sixth Form College educator, you can contact your local Borough Officer or email to find out more and how to access the Travel Smart programme.