Just a Journey

Just a Journey encourages safer attitudes and behaviours among children at a time when their independence and responsibilities are increasing.

The resource tackles road safety issues through a variety of mixed media including scenarios, with emphasis on Literacy and PSHE and Citizenship.



There is one scenario for each letter of the alphabet, with causes, consequences and action points.


There are six filmed scenarios with multi-level interactive games and activities.


Each scenario has two worksheets for each of the following curriculum areas: English, Science, History, Art and Design, Maths, ICT, Geography, PSHE and Citizenship.

Teacher's guide

There is a guide to the scenarios and activities, including road safety information and a glossary.

If you are a teacher and would like to request this resource for a London school, please email educationandtraining@tfl.gov.uk with your name, email and phone number; school name and address and school contact.

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