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CTC London provides a structured scheme for parents, carers, and nurseries to teach road safety and travel skills to their pre-school children. Parents are invited to register their child through their early years setting/nursery, but can also sign up directly on the CTC London website.

The CTC London programme supports the Mayor of London's and TfL's vision of healthier and safer streets for everyone.

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We're committed to realising the Mayor's vision of reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured on London's roads to zero. CTC London will contribute towards this ambitious target by teaching valuable road safety and travel messages to pre-school children and their parents/carers across the Capital.

CTC printed packs

What children get

The members' packs consist of:

  • A story book for children and their parents/carers to read together
  • A travel diary to log their journey to nursery
  • Sticker sheets
CTC app

Online content

The printed pack contains a magic code which allows the parent or carer full access to online content. Once parents/carers have activated their child's online membership they will get access to the following:

  • interactive stories with familiar London landmarks
  • songs, set to well-known nursery rhymes for children to learn and sing
  • games controlled through simple mouse movements and finger gesturing

CTC London app

The CTC London App acts as a fun reinforcement to the programme's online learning content.

CTC nursery guide

Resource bank for professionals and parents/carers

There is a bank of free resources for practitioners including teachers and professionals. These are listed in the professionals area of the CTC London website.

There is also useful guidance and information for parents and carers. Visit the CTC London website for more information.

CTC professionals guide