The A-Z of Traffic Tales

Traffic affects all our lives, but particularly young lives. This resource provides constructive strategies for social and emotional development, and safe behaviour. 

The A-Z of Traffic Tales bring together all relevant road safety messages, along with personal, social, emotional and citizenship issues. These messages have been developed into fun short stories, one for each letter of the alphabet, focusing on one family.


Big book set

Six books for the teacher to use with the children, a teacher's guide and an alphabet frieze to use as a visual aid.

Cross-curricular set

Activities covering curriculum subjects maths, science, geography, history, ICT, art and design.

The little book set

Smaller version of the bigger book set, designed for individual or paired reading in class or at home.

An interactive whiteboard CD

Resource bringing the stories to life and including interactive games.

Lesson plan set

Further worksheets and games.

A-Z of Traffic Tales


Visit the A-Z of Traffic Tales for useful guidance and information for teachers and road safety professionals.

If you are a teacher and would like to request this resource for a London school, please email with your name, email and phone number, school name and address and school contact.