Transport Youth Engagement Officers

Becoming a TYEO involves completing our accredited training course and being able to work with the team for a minimum of two weeks a year (where required and where release can be arranged).

Successful TYEO applicants are trained by us to engage with young people and deliver key TfL Safety and Citizenship messages.

We have TYEOs from a range of areas, including: police officers, Police Community Support Officers, British Transport Police, bus drivers, Tube drivers, Customer Service Assistants, supervisors and many more. Their work with us is invaluable, as they present the human face of the company to young people, who are always eager to ask staff plenty of questions about their role.

TYEOs may be responsible for delivering the Safety and Citizenship educational liaison programme at Junior Citizenship Schemes. In schools, they can accompany us to presentations and get involved, giving students insight into the daily life of our employees.

A good TYEO would have the following qualities: enthusiasm, confidence, flexibility and a passion for keeping young people safe on their travels. If you have any previous experience of working with young people, this would also be helpful.

The role of a TYEO is exciting, fun and challenging. It means engaging with young people across London and helping them to make better journeys. It is a very rewarding role and TYEOs gain a real sense of achievement from their hard work.

If you are interested in becoming a TYEO, please email

Please note that we have a restriction on how many TYEOs we can have in operation per area and that we interview all potential TYEOs for the role. All TYEOs are subject to enhanced CRB disclosure for the role.