Restorative justice

The process involves repairing relations between offender and victim through respectful, impartial mediation. Core members of the Safety and Citizenship team are trained in using restorative justice approaches in youth settings.

We provide a specialist, bespoke service in response to serious incidents of anti-social behaviour and/or crime on the transport network. Participants are given the opportunity to tell their story, explore their feelings and reflect upon the impact of incidents. Through a greater understanding of events, both parties are enabled to identify their needs and agree upon action necessary to gain closure on the event.

Restorative justice is a powerful tool in preventing reoffending as it helps people gain a greater understanding of what led them to make a bad decision.

Sessions are allocated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the background, to the referral and on how many sessions are required to resolve the issue. This can be discussed in the event of a need for our restorative justice service.

Restorative justice sessions are typically referred to us by local Youth Offending Teams, policing teams or by Transport for London. If young people in your school have come to your attention because of issues on the transport network, then email to see if we are able to help.