Pupil Referral Units

Our presentations are tailored to the audience, so we aim to cover a selection of topics of key concern to your class. We take a friendly, non-confrontational approach to enter into an honest discussion with pupils about their experiences and how we can improve their journeys.

Our presentations include videos, supporting images, role play and discussion to help learners. They are delivered free of charge.

Topics covered may include:

  • Using the Zip Oyster photocards  (including the Behaviour Code)
  • Respect for other travellers and members of staff
  • Safety around bus stops
  • Personal safety on public transport
  • Awareness of consequences
  • Constructive responses to issues
  • Active travel choices

Responsibility for Choices sessions last between 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the learning needs of your students. We bring our own presentation equipment, but require a room that can be darkened and an area to project on to as well as a mains power supply.

We will contact you to offer an in-school presentation when we are booking the schools in your borough. If your school has a Year 6 which has attended a Junior Citizenship Scheme, those students will not require an additional presentation.

Email us at tflsafetyandcitizenship@ltmuseum.co.uk if you want to enquire about suitability for your Pupil Referral Unit.