Learning resources

All lessons are in line with the PSHE/Citizenship curriculum, and cover other subject areas too. They explore a range of topics related to travelling independently, including:

  • Planning a journey
  • Making a journey
  • Responsible choices
  • Getting help

Starter activities can be used with any PSHCE lesson. Main activities are ideas you can use in your lessons, and the resources associated with them are contained in the resources section. Please note that some resources can be used for multiple lesson ideas. Many of the resources can be used independently of each other.

The full lesson plans are complete plans, including resources. If you have any feedback on your use of the resources, please email us at tflsafetyandcitizenship@ltmuseum.co.uk.

Interactive learning resources

Find out why we ask you not to stand upstairs on a bus.

Explore making safer choices about how far back to wait when using public transport.

Lesson plans 

  • Lesson plan

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  • Starting a journey