Using the TfL brand on film

To get our help secure your permissions and licence, download the form below confirming the following information and email it to

  • Type and purpose of the production or publication where you'll include the material
  • Detailed information describing exactly how our IP will be used
  • For use of our IP for editorial purposes in feature films, television productions including documentaries, include a synopsis of the production and relevant script pages, illustrating how the material is to be used
  • For use of our IP in promotional activity, for example of a TV programme/film or a product service, state the context, IP to be used, length of campaign channels used (TV, OOH, Press, DM) and the territories
  • For publishing use, include the associated text and the relevance of the material to it
  • Title(s) and reference number(s), of posters that are requested from London Transport Museum
  • Distribution of your production including media, territory, length of term, broadcast date etc
  • Name, address and company registration number of your production or publication

Find out how to arrange filming on the Filming & photography on TfL page.