Exclusive areas

As well as our operational Tube stations - and subject to script check - we can offer Aldwych, Bank (Waterloo & City Line branch) or Charing Cross as an exclusive area.

Charges for exclusive areas currently start at £2,000 per hour (plus VAT) for the station or £3,000 per hour (plus VAT) with the additional use of your own train. Specialised staff, for example London Underground electricians, are not included.


This station has the most flexible access and does not have any restrictions with timings.  Please note the station no longer has a train

Bank (Waterloo and City line)

The train on the Waterloo & City line (W&C) can be available all day on Saturdays and Sundays (engineering work permitting).  This can be accessed by the road 'Walbrook' where there is a bright and modern ticket hall area with passenger ticket gates which lead down via smart new escalators to the W&C line where there is a set of travelators, a long staircase and a long passenger walkway.

Charing Cross

The train at Charing Cross can be available:

  • 11:30-16:00 Monday to Friday, or
  • All day at weekends with both the train and the station (engineering work permitting)

The disused Jubilee line area has 2 platforms with 3 escalators, 2 of which can be put in to operation when an escalator engineer is present.

This area is completely segregated from the rest of the station. However, if heavy/bulky equipment is needed, it must be brought in by a specially-organised train during off-peak periods the day/night before.

Allow at least two hours for each journey there and back - there is also a charge each way for the train and driver/s.