Retiming deliveries

Benefits of retiming

More than 90% of freight in London is transported by road, and this is particularly evident in the morning peak (07:00-11:00) where freight vehicles account for 25% of traffic.

By avoiding these times, your vehicles can avoid congestion and operate more efficiently. This can reduce the risk of collisions, particularly with cyclists and pedestrians. Businesses can also reduce costs, and contribute to improving air quality.

With the right level of support and when carried out responsibly, deliveries can take place at different times to suit residents, businesses and operators.

Watch our video on retiming to hear from the industry.

Getting started

Our industry-led guidance document offers practical advice for businesses, fleet operators, local authorities and industry representatives on how to approach retiming.

Discover tangible efficiencies and environmental improvements that can be achieved when moving deliveries outside of the peak hours.

Managing noise levels

Noise from deliveries outside of normal working hours can sometimes cause a greater disturbance as roads and areas may be quieter. Local authorities regularly restrict deliveries to minimise disruption to local residents and communities.

Watch our videos to find out how using better equipment can reduce noise when handling goods, at the delivery point and on a vehicle.

Roll cages

Making small changes to your equipment can make a big difference to your delivery. A roll cage doesn't have to cost more than a standard one, and has a real impact on noise levels.

Forklift trucks

Learn how an electric forklift can significantly reduce noise when making deliveries.

Rubber mats

See how using rubber mats can be a simple solution for making pub and restaurant deliveries quieter.

Changing time restrictions

In some cases, times for deliveries and collections to premises may be bound by a legal planning condition. Conditions can be reviewed and changed at any time.

Code of practice

Together with industry partners and London Councils, we have developed a Code of Practice to help companies making deliveries in quieter periods. It helped many businesses and operators during the 2012 Games and contains simple and practical guidance that still applies today. It looks at how to minimise noise from deliveries, collections and servicing activity to reduce disturbance to local residents. It is split into three parts:

  • General guidance and what to consider
  • Measures to reduce noise at the delivery point
  • Measures for drivers

We will continue to review the Code of Practice to ensure that it stays up-to-date and relevant.

Personalised support

To support you to make change, we are offering a 'matchmaking' service for businesses and boroughs to nominate sites or locations that would benefit from different delivery times.

As part of this we will:

  • Help ensure all stakeholders are willing to participate
  • Work with you to develop a local action plan
  • Maintain contact with all parties to help implement the plan
  • Provide support to help work through any issues that arise once deliveries have been retimed

We also commission trials and noise assessments to demonstrate how changes can be implemented and maintained through quiet practices, challenging restrictions and the use of less noisy vehicles and equipment.

Contact for more information.

Retiming Deliveries Consortium

We work with a consortium of London boroughs, major retailers and industry representatives to look at issues around changing delivery times, increasing uptake and promoting retiming. As part of this, we have set up working groups to encourage more activity.

If you would like to get involved in further trials, learn from other businesses in your sector, receive personalised advice or join a consortium working group, contact

Who is already retiming?

We have worked with many London boroughs, retailers and industry representatives to help businesses to retime their deliveries. We also have examples from other cities around the world. Find out more on our Publications and reports page, under 'Retiming case studies'.


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